TT: EFS Jumpsuits


For our first Throwback Thursday installment, we bring you a piece of promotional schwag given out at the 1993 PIA Symposium by jumpsuit manufacturer Elite Flight Systems of Perris, California.

EFS Bandana

EFS Bandana

Known for their Dragon Master suits, Elite Flite Systems (EFS for short) was a popular manufacturer on the west coast in the early 1990’s.

EFS could stand for many things besides Elite Flite Systems… and they came up with quite a few.

Elmer Fudd Sr
Elevators For Sale
Every Foolish Skydiver
Edible Free Samples
Expert Fly Slips
Eraser Fix Screwups
Earth: Freefall Stopper
Eddie’s Food Stamps
Embarrassing Funny Surprises
Egotistical Fat Slob
Exile Flying Saucers
Eat Frozen Snacks
Energetic Flirtatious Smurfettes
Experienced Fly Swatter
Every Father’s Son
Extinguish Flaming Shoelaces
Eliminate Frowns, Smile
Enjoy Fooling Someone
Egrets Fear Subways
Eager For Sox
Expert Female Spotter
Ewok’s Flying Service
Exit Flare Swoop
Evolutionary Fungus Soup
Erotic Flight Situation
Elliot’s Flood Shorts
Eccentric Florentine Surfer
Early For Supper
Execute Farting Spiders
Eighty Five Skybums
Enrico’s Food Store
Eventually Fred Sank
Electric Fish Scales
Entering Final Smokeout
Eva’s Feet Stink
Excited Freak Sisters
Entertain Fat Squids
Envision Fantastic Sunsets
Egor’s Flying Snake
Equestrian Food Sacks
Extraordinary Fanny Shaker
Earth Falls Skyward
Experience Flying Stable
Ecstasy Fondle Services
Earthworms Fumigate Swampland
Essential First Step
Evelyn’s Fuzzy Sideburns
Eat Fried Snails
Eighteen Floundering Salmon
Experience Freefall: Skydive
Erect Fantasy School
Envelope From Space
Expel Frothy Saliva
Even Freud Slipped
Eternal Freeloading Scum
Elephants Flying South
Elusive First Seduction
Enter From Somewhere
Everlasting Fix-it Shops
Enemies Fire Spitballs
Eleven Foxy Studs
Empires Fail Suddenly
European Flaky Strudel
Earthquake Forces Shakedown
Edward’s Family Steakhouse
Enter Formations Smoothly
Empty Flour Sacks
Employ Flattering Statements
Embrace Fidgety Sheep
Escort For Sale
Extremely Frigid Sex
Exempt From Standups
Enid’s Fat Sister
Educate Failing Students
Elvis Feels Skinny
Eight Frustrated Skydivers
Erect Falic Symbol
Emanate Fright Signals
Enduring Funeral Services
Eligible For Slavery
Energy Flows Silenty
Egotist Frames Self
Eject Fidgety Spectators
Erogenous Four Stack
Eat Flamingo Sundaes
Elfin Flying Squirrels
Elope Fast & Stealthily
Encrypted For Secrecy
Ef Frem Simbalist
Eagles Fly Swiftly
Eggs Feel Squishy
Egos Funnel Skydives
Extend Foreplay Shamelessly
Eliminate Foolish Sayings
Escape From Servitude