Is It Worth It? Articulated Harness


Rings on her fingers, rings on her toes… rings on her hips and chest?  Yes, please!

One of the most expensive options on many harness/container systems, the articulated harness (also known as harness rings) is also one of the few that the Gear Guru wholeheartedly recommends.  Why?  `

1) While a properly fitted standard harness will do the job, the addition of rings at the hips and/or chest allow the harness to move with you while the container stays put.

2) Harness rings will not make you a better skydiver. They will make you a more comfortable skydiver.  In the loading area, on the airplane, in freefall, under canopy and walking back to the packing area.

3) Hip and chest rings make it faster and easier to shorten/lengthen/replace the main lift web or replace the chest strap.

An articulated harness can add as much as $300 to the cost of a new harness/container system.  Is it worth it?  The Gear Guru says yes.