The Gear Guru says hello.


Hello and welcome to the Skydive Gear Guru blog!

Buying skydiving equipment is suffering. For many years now, skydivers old and new have felt the pain of choosing new lifesaving devices. The financial pain of even one new piece of gear can be severe, and so can the bewildering array of brands, styles, sizes, features, options, colors…

The Skydive Gear Guru is here to help. Years of breathing nylon fumes whilst communing with others so afflicted and many, many months spent in deep, deep meditation helped the Gear Guru to achieve skydiving equipment nirvana. Being so enlightened, it is required that the path to eliminating equipment related suffering be shared with all skydivers.

Herein lies the path…

Who is the Gear Guru?   The Gear Guru is someone who wants the average novice skydiver, to find exactly the right pieces of skydiving equipment for you.

The Gear Guru doesn’t sell gear.   The Gear Guru provides knowledge.  Knowledge that you can use to make smart gear choices.  Knowledge that will be shared here five days a week.

On Monday – what is new, what is neat, what you gotta have.

On Tuesday – harness/containers, reserves, mains, AADs

On Wednesday – buying new and/or buying used

On Thursday -Throwback Thursday

On Friday – jumpsuits, helmets, instruments, accessories, etc

On Saturday and Sunday, the Gear Guru will probably be at the dropzone.  Like you!

A few times a month, The Gear Guru will answer reader questions in a special Q&A post.

The Skydive Gear Guru is not paid or currently sponsored by any skydiving equipment manufacturer or dealer. The Skydive Gear Guru does not sell gear.  Any opinions expressed by the Skydive Gear Guru are those of the Skydive Gear Guru alone. Do not base safety decisions solely on advice or opinions that appear on this website, as anything and everything written here could be wrong.

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Coming Soon!


The Skydive Gear Guru blog will be launching on February 4, 2014.